Specialists in Alternative Dispute Resolution Involving Indigenous Peoples

Aerial view of a tributary of the Amazon river, winding through the lush Peruvian rainforest.

Indigenous ADR is focused on facilitating fruitful and respectful discussions between private sector companies and Indigenous communities throughout the Americas to achieve a viable consensus.

We specialize in a wide range of investment related issues, including resource development projects.

Our goal is to be seen by all stakeholders as impartial facilitators and to be fair, honest and respectful neutrals.

View of the ancient semi-subterranean court at the ruins of the city of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, a UNESCO Heritage Site. 

We are also innovative and sufficiently flexible to quickly adjust our approach as the needs and objectives of the parties change over time.

We strive to achieve creative and cost-effective outcomes that are both practical and sustainable.

We also offer mediation services in situations where consultation discussions have broken down.

Expansive view of a salt flat or salar in Chile’s Atacama desert.


Thomas is the founder and managing attorney of Indigenous ADR

Having worked on five continents assisting a broad cross section of industries to overcome intractable bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles, Thomas is ideally suited to convene and facilitate adequate and effective consultations with Indigenous communities impacted by private sector investment projects.